Who we are

The Aquatic Vault was founded to be a hub of knowledge, a place where fish
keepers old, young, experienced or novice could come an learn, grow and
enjoy the hobby. We wanted to be able to provide the best products possible
at the best price that everyone could enjoy. Growing up in the industry I have
had the privilege to learn from amazing speakers locally and internationally,
be guided by some of the best fish keepers and breeders in Australia.
Over the years the shop and business has grown from a small home based
online trading store of 45 tanks to an amazing 110 tanks, custom made

products and even importing our own products.

These things I never imagined we would be able to achieve let alone dream of
doing, the support we have had from the Melbourne fish community both by
stores and by our customers but also the clubs and wholesalers has been
amazing and kept us driving forward to achieve our next goal. As the owner
I’ve had to adapt and grow in the industry to learn and take on new
information and constantly learn about new products to best support you guys.
After a couple of years we got asked about reptile supplies, as I breed and
keep reptiles, we also moved into that, at first I was hesitant but then after a
few months, food, enclosures and even lights where flying out the door I was
amazed at the support we were given at the expansion of the business.
As a third-generation fish keeper, and being around the hobby for all of my life
in some regard, some of my earliest memories are of my Grandad, Dad &
Godfather taking me out to their fish rooms. I never thought my dream of
helping keep the hobby alive, and helping various people enjoy the hobby I
love, would bring me to where we are today.
I know this is an “all about me” but I personally want to Thank All of our loyal
supporters and customers for the past 5 years that have kept us going.
Now onto the next chapter of our story. Our future looks ROSY…..