Aquaplenish Water Changer

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The Aquaplenish Water Changer is an innovative device to replenish new aquarium water with pre-treated water. Providing the best quality and safest water for tropical fish.
It recirculates and aerates water, monitors the water temperature and transfers the perfect water to the aquarium with a push of a button.

  • Making pretreated water changes convenient for the fish keeper.
  • Water changes better and safer for fish.
  • Enables new water to match the Aquarium’s water parameters.
  • Secures to the rim of a container.
  • Receives domestic water direct from tap.
  • Monitors the water temperature on a digital display.
  • Water can be tested and treated.
  • Water is recirculated, aerated and transferred to the aquarium.

Device Features

  • Two 24V independent dual speed brushless DC pumps (each pump output 250 gallons/960 litres per hour) to recirculate water in the container and transfer to the aquarium.   
  • Electronic push button control panel
  • LCD electronic temperature display
  • A custom made Venturi valve to aerate the water.
  • A bracket to attach an aquarium heater if required.
  • A sponge filter attachment.
  • 20 feet of hose and attachments.
  • A one way check valve.
  • Gravel Vacuum adapter.  

Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums.